Caffeine queen


There are times when a cheap packet of instant coffee granules stirred into tepid water can make a girl happy. Tonight I am profoundly happy to have just that and from a lady who loves her coffee that’s saying something. Let me explain…
Today is International women’s day and Im travelling up to the North of Uganda with three lovely ladies. Im part of a response team that has been sent to the refugee camps to help with the thousands of South Sudanese flooding over the Ugandan border. Here we are stood outside a toilet block on our journey north. “The three queens”.

2017-03-08 20.14.01.jpg
From Kampala to Arua takes 9 hours but the roads are good and when we crossed the Nile we were rewarded with a group of hippos wallowing in the gloriously cool water.
There were no places selling tea or coffee en route and my caffeine withdrawal kicked in as soon as we arrived at the place we are staying for the night. I asked for a cup of tea to appease my thumping headache. Half an hour later and no sign of a cuppa. Apparently they needed the chef who was somewhere in town. He did finally arrive by which time the team was told we were moving locations. My headache would have to wait.
At the next place I took matters into my own hands. I was armed with my thermal mug and a teabag from my precious supplies. Within minutes I had a steaming mug of tea. I took it back to my room to enjoy at my leisure. No sooner had I set the mug down when I leant over to open the curtains and my lovely cup of tea was knocked all over the table, my tablet and floor. I barely stopped short of sucking the teabag such was the need now for caffeine.
Braving the incident I told my colleague who produced an old sachet of coffee granules from her rucksack. So that’s where you find me now, quietly enjoying my “iced coffee”. Maybe a queen should expect better but for now I’m happy.


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