African style

After adding new furnishings

Painted the wall sunset glow and put up lights


Lounge before


Before decorating


We have made a few changes since we arrived. The first thing was to paint the wall a lovely warm orange colour. It took a few coats to get the right texture as the paint was a bit thin. Bought a yellow batik throw to go over the green sofa. This was from a lovely craft centre called Amani where marginalized women have the opportunity to improve their sewing skills. I met a wonderful lady who hemmed the edge of my throw for free and gave me 50KSh that I was short of so that I could buy the material. She had so little but was so generous. Replaced the yellow ld fashioned lampshades with simple rafia shades and fininshed it off with some earthy coloured bauble lights that I picked up cheaply in Bangkok. Its much more cozy now.

New wall lights
Hall before

 Brightened up the hall with some fairy lights fixed behind strips of coloured organza. Added a new rafia lampshade.

This is the inspiration for my DIY interior design project.

These hangings were made in Kasai (now DRC) by the Shoowa tribe. Its called Kuba cloth and is made from raffia. I really like the patterns and colours. They get the earthy tones of red, yellow and orange from vegetable dyes. I wanted to buy one of these to use as a wall hanging but they start at $140 so I’ve decided to make my own.