Good endings

Today was a sad day but also an amazing day. We sold our van. It went far quicker than I imagined. In fact the first couple that saw it wanted it. Maybe all that chrome polishing was worth it. The amazing thing was not only that we sold the van but who we sold the van to.  To explain that I need to rewind five months to when we still lived in Kenya.

In April this year I was sat outside on my friends sofa chatting to a lovely lady about our planned adventures back in the UK. We explained our need for a time of transition and chance to reconnect with friends and family in the UK and a three month trip seemed like a good plan. I hadn’t met her before and there was no reason I thought I would ever see her again as she and her family were happily settled in Kenya. Little did I know that three months later they would also leave Kenya and think about the freedom a campervan would give them.

Yesterday I put the van up for sale on a random campervan fanatics website. A few people got in touch and two different families arranged to take a closer look. The first family turned up today and when opened the door and just stood and started as it slowly dawned on me who was stood there. The very same lady I had chatted to on that sofa all those months ago.


I don’t believe in coincidence but I do believe that God weaves in all the seemingly random strands of our life into one massive, amazing tapestry. He also loves to put a smile on your face.  Today I have a massive smile on my face as I reflect on how that chance meeting in Kenya has led to the happy departure of our Little Minx.


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