Great Scot

Campervans and Scotland are the perfect match. I just feel so much more love here than in some of the other counties we have stayed.  It’s usually signs saying no campervans, no overnight parking, you are not going to park there are you? …Whereas here there are signs welcoming campervans, places where you can stay overnight no worries, free showers, places to refill your water and get rid of rubbish. It’s a wild campers dream. We have done 11 nights straight of wild camping. So refreshing. I wonder why there aren’t more places in England like it? It’s much more likely that campers stay longer, spend more money and generally have a much nicer time.

It’s a bonus that the scenery is spectacular here in Scotland,  the sun is it out and the people are really friendly. If it wasn’t for those blasted midges it would be perfect.


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