National treasures

I feel blessed to live in a country with so much heritage. It’s even more amazing that there are organisations around that are in the business of preserving it. Why am I so amazed? I think it’s having lived overseas in countries where preserving historic treasures has taken a backseat and in some cases for very good reason. In Indonesia I saw glorious antique houses been bulldozed to make way for sparkling chrome and concrete edifices. I suppose it was the same here in the 60’s but thankfully due to organisations like the National Trust and English heritage people like me can go and visit some unique, stunning locations.

I am a fully paid up member of both these organisations and I think I’ve done a good job of getting my money’s worth. I was telling my teacher friend excitedly about my NT passport where you collect a unique stamp for each property you visit. When you get thirty stamps you send off the last page and get a badge. He looked at me with a rather bemused look and asked quizzically “Isn’t that for kids?” I said, “I don’t think so”. He knew better than to press further! It’s not for kids……Is it?

Well I’ve decided the NT deserves a medal or at least a poem. I think I will write an ode to the National Trust about their great toilets, splendid teashops and well curated properties. Now how many stamps to go before I can get that badge?


PS we’ve made it to Scotland…..more photos soon xx


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