Trouble with t’van

Can you beleve we are already half way through our trip?! We thought it was time to give the van a name which may prove a mistake as it’s always hard to part with something that you have named.  I can reveal that she has been christened “The Minx”. This may say more about me (cheeky and mischievous) than the van but also seems to fit with her colour (mink) and number plate (jinx!!).

Like all of us the van needs time out for maintenance so we had to take The Minx back to the garage for a bit of TLC. It was just a few little things (leaking tap, broken reading lamp) that needed fixing but it meant a rethink of our schedule.  The detour meant that we got to see some special friends that would have otherwise missed. It reminded me of a quote I read last week “There are no wrong turns, only unexpected paths”. Well that’s what I say to Chris when I misread the map….

2016-07-09 20.18.16


On this trip I’m learning that things that things don’t always go according to plan but that’s ok. God redeems our wrong turns and usually we discover a treasure we would have otherwise missed.

Our little treasures

We love to hear from you and read your comments and if there are things you want to see in a blog please let us know!!


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Anthea says:

    What lovely treasures!!
    Minx like our cat in Buj… Hope can doesn’t have as many kittens…!!

    1. riftraff says:

      Haha I’d forgotten about Minx the cat. Don’t worry we won’t let ours mix with any other unsavory vans!!

  2. Deb Smith says:

    I enjoyed your philosophical wisdom 🙂

    1. riftraff says:

      Glad you enjoyed it!

  3. Sarah mist says:

    Yeah we loved seeing you and sharing the joy of home grown garlic!!

    1. riftraff says:

      What a shame I forgot to pick some up!!

  4. Sara-Kay Baker says:

    I love a good quote – keep em coming! X

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