The kindness of strangers

We are nearly 3 weeks into our trip and something that has stuck me is the kindness of strangers. I think this is rather ironic given the climate of fear and isolationism that we keep hearing about. From what I have experienced total strangers have been warm and generous once they know what we are doing and why we are in their backyard.


I met someone, quite literally in their back yard, on the first day of our trip. I was looking round the van and was distressed to see a tiny scratch underneath the bumper. At that stage I was being quite precious aboutbthe van!! We had pulled into the communal parking area of a friend’s house where we were spending the night. A bloke popped out of his flat and started chatting to us. He saw my concerned look and the next thing I know he had produced his prized pot of T – cut which to the unschooled in such things is a magic paste that gets rid of paint scratches.  He just gave it to me. He wouldn’t hear of having it back. He joked about it being wasted on his old banger… I was touched.

Since then we have had people that we hadn’t spent more than a few minutes chatting to invite us back for lunch. Others have given their address to us with an offer to come and stay in their drive when we pass by and some just taking the time to chat to find out more àfterwards our journey.

So tonight I hope the vote reflects the good side that I have seen in the British public of hospitlaity, a warm welcome and generosity to strangers.


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