The food edit

Two weeks on the road and we are deep into Cornwall. We’ve done a fair few miles and scoffed more than our fair share of food. Cooking in the van is a bit of a challenge with our two pans, limited space and just 2 gas burners but if we are going to have any cash left at the end our the trip we have to limit our meals out. Our aim is to buy local, eat the regional specialities and seek out the best coffee.

There are some seriously good coffee shops here. Highlights were Bin 2  in Padstow. We sat here admiring the view of Padstow harbour as the rain passed.


Next decent coffee shop was The sorting office in St Agnes. It used to be the local post office until it was revamped into a quirky coffee shop selling locally sourced artisanal coffee.

For other great places to wile away a few hours over a coffee here are some recommendations. We haven’t been to all of them yet!!

You can’t pass through Devon and Cornwall without eating a cream tea and a Cornish pastie.  As well as those delicious treats we have picked up free range eggs, local butter, cider, wortleberry jam, onion chutney…..Just this morning we picked up a fresh loaf of rosemary bread from Baker Steve. He leaves out a honesty box alongside his delicious baked goods and you take your pick 🙂

I’ve also cooked up some yummy dinners in the van – Morocco vegetables and cous cous, fish goujons with carrot and toasted nuts and stilton and broccoli soup. Dinner can be offered in exchange for a place to park our van 🙂 Any takers…..


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  1. I’m right with you on the “limit meals out” the £££ really mount up when you are eating out all the time, and it is fun searching out local food. I quite like going back to the site after a day out, pouring a glass of wine and cooking up something on the hot plate.We have a diesel Webaston hotplate rather than gas rings. TBH it is not as easy to use as the gas, but I have a bit of a thing about carrying gas and when we got the chance to do without, we went for it. The space we saved also allowed us to put in a microwave!!! Anyway – enjoying your blog!

    1. riftraff says:

      I like the idea of a glass of wine in the van as you prepare dinner! A microwave would be handy but we are trying to limit electricity as we only hook up once a week. Happy travels.

    2. You are very far south just now, but just wait until you get up north!!! FABULOUS foodie adventures to be had in the Western Isles! Don’t miss the Isle of Skye whatever you do!! And en route … look for Petch’s Pies in Yorkshire: you have to taste them to believe them!!!

      1. riftraff says:

        Ooohh great tips. Will definitely need to get some exercise in!!

  2. urbanshamba says:

    It’s very exiting following you on your adventure! Keep enjoying and posting… Do leave some room for a run in the mornings 🙂

    1. riftraff says:

      Ha ha don’t worry we are keeping up our exercise. Maybe next time I should talk about our activities 🙂

  3. I quite like a spot of yoga, or pilates (I am getting on a bit!) – a run is asking a bit much of me!!!

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