Man with a van


We’ve chosen a van. It’s a VW California or to those in the know, a Cali. We were won over by it’s clever use of space, it’s ability to be a campervan yet be as versatile as a car and hopefully the ease of selling it after we finish our travels (although everyone has said we won’t want to give it up…..)

We went to pick it up today. Super exciting. Had the very through demo. from VW Campersales. Those guys are brilliant and they even chucked in a few freebies to get us started on our endless list of things we need to buy for our journey.

Things I loved hearing about the van –

  • Don’t worry you will never be cold in your Cali.
  • It’s just had a full service and won’t need one for another 20,000 miles
  • Have you seen these camping chairs that pop out of the tailgate!!
  • The guy that owned the van before you loved it
  • It’s less than 2m high so you wont get stuck under any barriers

Things I’m worried about

  • Driving it.
  • Waking up and needing the loo
  • Not being able to grill things
  • Someone pressing the pop-up roof button when Im in bed. Not sure if that’s possible but a scary thought.
  • Waking up with bad hair everyday

Next stop Ikea to get some serious storage sorted out.


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