Choosing a van

After months of talking about our campervan trip it’s time to make some decisions. We have our map of where we want to visit, we have a checklist of stuff we need to take, we’ve looked at countless youtube videos of vans and we have even shortlisted our top 3 vans but we are yet to set foot inside one. This all changed after last weeks visit to 3 campervan showrooms!

Our basic requirements are a van that is easy to manoeuvre, has a fixed bed, toilet, cooker and can get down small roads. Not all these criteria are complimentary so we knew we would have to compromise on something. We narrowed it down to an Adria twin 600 which is on a Fiat Ducato base, an Autocamper which is on a Ford transit and a VW California which is on a VW T5.

When we visited the Autocampers showroom we met such a knowledgeable, helpful guy that sussed out our requirements in minutes.  It was a bit like the property programme where they pick 3 houses for you to look at and then keep a mystery house up their sleeve. He did that to us by showing us a Carvano, something we had never even heard of. It was only 5m length, solid oak finish interior, bathroom, full oven and homely sofa which makes up into a bed. It was in the garage for an overhaul and looked a bit worse for wear but it was added to our list of possible vans.


Next was the VW California – a completely different affair. Modern, custom built easy to drive and one of the most sought after campers of the moment. We were shown a lovely 2011 VW California and were pretty taken with its electric rising roof that makes into a double bed, the outdoor table and chairs integrated into the sliding door, the top opening fridge and swivel chairs.


Now we have a decision…….A Carvarno or a California????




4 Comments Add yours

  1. Joanne says:

    We’re also currently on the hunt for the perfect campervan but sadly only to rent in New Zealand. We have a very similar list of conflicting requirements!! Keep us posted on which one you go for. Excited to follow your adventures and share stories when we’re all in the same country 🙂

    1. riftraff says:

      How exciting Jo. Will be interested to follow your travels in NZ.

  2. urbanshamba says:

    Nice! are we voting 🙂 the California…. Looking forward to your blogging on the road…

    1. riftraff says:

      Thanks for voting!! We will let you know our decision soon.

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