What happens when hubby is out of town

Im not going to say I enjoy it when my husband is travelling but life is certainly different. Here are some of the things that have happened since he’s been gone.

Husband away

  • Left the door unlocked (by mistake)
  • Invited myself for a sleep over at a friends
  • Spent the whole afternoon making jewelry
  • Avoided supermarket shopping completely
  • Forgot to put fuel in the car
  • Eaten at random times
  • Watched a film in the bath on my laptop
  • Spontaneously had lunch with a friend
  • Stayed up late (er hem its now 00:50!!)
  • Had a girls night watching a film
  • Signed up to an online course on complexity!!
  • Missed the early morning running group……..twice!
  • Chatted on skype with distant friends
  • Haven’t used the teapot (its now got ants living in it!)
  • Caught up with girlie series and cried openly at every poignant moment
  • Planned all the things Im going to do when my husband gets back

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