How to make a washbag

As well as travelling to war torn countries I like to make stuff. The place where I volunteer (Kamili fabric printers) are looking for something to make with their new print. Its a quirky black and white design – think retro, bookish traveler. I thought it would be good as a washbag for guys. The next job is to show the sewing team how to make it so Ive prepared the instructions below. I thought I would share them here in case you fancied making one. Its really easy.  

 IMG_0006 You need

2 pieces of material 32cm x 36cm

32 cm zip

Rotary cutter/scissors

Set square (optional)


IMG_0007Line up the long edge of your material with the edge of your zip. Right sides together. Pin and sew. Repeat for the other piece of material – right sides together pin and sew. 









IMG_0008When you lay out your pieces it should look like this.

Wash 3Fold the material over, right sides together then sew along the bottom long edge

wash 4Now the bottom is sewed closed open up the zip part way then fold the fabric out so that the zip is running down the middle and stitch the bottom seam closed.





wash 6You can add a handle if you like. Stitch the top seam closed.






wash 7Now to make the wash bag a square shape you need to pinch the corners and measure 12 cm. Mark the line with pencil.





wash 8





You can use a quilting ruler to make sure the line is 90O to the seam.


wash 9


Repeat on each corner. After stitching trim off the excess material.





wash 10Turn the wash bag right side out and you have your finished article




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