Back in Congo


Im back in DRC after 11 years. The place where I met my husband. The place where I cut my teeth in the humanitarian sector. The place where I experienced the greatest atrocities but saw the hugest smiles. Here are some of the things that have taken up my time over the last few days.

– Pondering if one of the most dangerous volcanoes on earth might chose its moment to spew its guts this week. 

– Bumping over the lava encrusted roads from the violent eruption in 2002.

– Running a workshop on behaviour change and WASH. Or how our reptilian brains can be motivated to use soap! 

– Training to climb Mt Kenya by doing the 7 minute challenge twice a day

– Catching up with old friends at Lake Kivu Lodge. Feels like you could be in Lake Geneva rather than the conflict prone Eastern Congo.Le chalet Goma

– Watching Out of Africa but wishing I had a copy of Gorillas in the mist

– Being amazed at the range of restaurants available

– Being perplexed at this stunningly beautiful location that has been ravaged by 20 years of conflict 

Main street in Goma
Main street in Goma

Im looking forward to next weeks adventures when I will be visiting some of the surrounding villages where we are working for our project.

If you want some background about the place, take a look at this great article on Goma.


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