Pink prints

A friend of mine has just returned from West Africa with a stash of lovely material. I have a whole box of fabric for projects that I want to do but does that stop me wanting more?! Erm, no! She had a lovely pink one that caught my eye. I know that some prints are not going to work back home but out here bright is good so its been added to my collection!



There’s a favourite dress of mine that Ive been wanted to get copied for a while. There are many tailors out here who will copy stuff but you have to take your time to find a good one. Often when they take European measurements they cant quite believe that they are correct so end up adding a few inches to the boobs and the butt and taking a few off the waistline. So you end up with an interestingly proportioned garment, more suited to Jessica Rabbit. So Ive decided to have a go myself at making a dress. Will let you know how it goes.

Last week on our Bank Holiday we went back to one of my favourite places. Browns cheese farm. As well as tasting their yummy artisan cheese and eating their delicious lunch, I got to milk a cow and make friends with a new born calf – only 3 days old. It wanted to lick me which made me smile. Maybe it knew I was a vegetarian 🙂



Fennel and orange salad, homemade guacamole, roasted vegetables, pineapple and mint salsa and wild rocket salad.

ImageFreshly brewed coffee, homemade icecream. I had all four flavours- salted caramel, honeycomb and lavender, strawberries and cream and chocolate chip.



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