Gruesome “little friends”

Health warning – do not read if you are squeamish

A few small “friends” have decided to join me on my travels round South Sudan. These friends are in the form of small worms that have decided to burrow into my foot looking for a warm place to lay their eggs. Not sure where I picked them up but recognised it from the last time I had the same unwelcome guest in Madagascar. Jiggers!!  That time I managed to turf it out myself.

My foot

I took a photo and sent it off to the tropical medicine experts Interhealth for a second opinion. The famous (in health circles) Dr Ted Lankester replied to confirm that my suspicions were probably right and I should go to a clinic to get them removed. The only trouble was there are no clinics around here so I scoured the web looking for home remedies. There were a few gruesome videos of removal (one sent by my boss) and other home remedies. Common advice is to soak your feet in hydrogen peroxide and then apply Vaseline which apparently suffocates them. I improvised with some detol and strawberry lipbalm.

How long before I succumb and have a go at removal? I was a bit put off when Ted said if you don’t get them out completely they “seed”. I don’t know what that means exactly but it doesn’t sound good. So maybe me and my “friends” will be sticking around for a bit longer.


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  1. Angela Stephens says:

    oh no! Oh thats just lovely…lets hope the strawberry lip balm does the trick

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