Love Again Forever Whatever

I have just returned from a few days on the magical island of Lamu. When I was there I heard the story of a small company Ali Lamu, who started as the result of healing from a broken heart. It was the work of a local fisherman and a Swiss artist, Daniela who created their first piece of art from an old weathered dhow sail and some red and black paint.

When Daniela asked the fisherman to find her a dhow sail he returned a few days later with an amazing old sail, weathered from years of sea, wind and salt. It had a hole in the centre which reminded Daniela of the hole in her heart from recent broken relationship. They painted a heart around the hole and added the words “Love Again Forever Whatever.”

Six years later they are a successful company with aficionado’s all over the world. They sell their handmade creations from their base in Lamu island which I visited during my stay. I loved the simplicity of their quirky designs and found it hard to choose a bag to take home.

I was inspired when I came home to make my own creation, this time from a new piece of canvas weathered in tea and coffee grains. Image

So on this valentines wherever your heart is I wish you peace, love and the strength to follow your dreams. From brokenness can begin a new story of hope. 


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