Behind the wire

My safe harbour wall has been breached. The place I retreat to from the crazy city of Nairobi has been tainted. On Saturday night at 2am in the morning my mobile phone rang. It’s the heart stopping moment that we all dread….wrong number? No. It was my landlady in the next door house telling me that intruders had broken into the compound and were somewhere outside. Broken in ….how? There is an electric fence, razor wire, 3 night guards – the usual precautions. Where were they? Could they get into my house? I heard my heart thudding in my chest as I put down the phone. I walked around my house praying for God to fence us in with his protection and to place a guard of angels at the gate (Psalm 139:5). Above all that I would not be afraid.Image

A bit later, unable to settle, I heard that the security response team were checking the perimeter and to go back to sleep! Even the next morning morning I did not know the outcome of the evenings events and wondered if it was safe to step out and if anyone had been hurt. 

Seems like the intruders had been escaping from another incident and were trying to find a way back to the safety of the forest. They cut through the electric fence and jumped the razor wire, loosing a shoe and bolt croppers in the process and leaving blood on the barbed wire. Cant help thinking that will all that evidence they wouldn’t be hard to track down but of course that is not going to happen here.

Thankfully all were safe and no damage was done. I can put my trust in barbed wire and fences but my true protection comes from knowing the Lords hand is upon me. 


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