New year inspiration

Ive just been inspired by a magazine article about how to get more out of your year. No, not one of those about how we all need to do the plank for 60 secs a day to build up our core muscles; It was about getting on top of the things that you have to do by putting them in order. It said to take your list and divide it up into four categories; do it now, delay it, delegate it or dump it. Most of my life seems to be in the delay it category and as I go round my house I can find dozens of projects started but not complete! Here is what this months list looks like.

Do it now; A driftwood heart. I first had the idea for over a year ago when I was on holiday at the coast collecting driftwood on the beach. My friend gave me the plywood backing I needed at Christmas so no excuse!


Handmade driftwood heart

Delay it; definitely my tax return. Why oh why do I leave it to a few days before the deadline to get it done? Its going to be another rush this year.

Delegate it; My birthday plans. My husband has just taken over planning this event. A few of us are going to Browns farm to have lunch and taste cheese. I can’t wait.

Dump it; A hand woven mat that I wanted to repair. Its been sat in the porch gathering dust for the last year. I think its time to admit I’m never going to repair it.

Hope you are having a great start to your New Year. Let me know your tips for how you get through your lists of things to do.

Now where’s that article on core strength. I might see how long I can hold the plank! It beats doing my tax return!


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  1. Love the heart, and love the intentions!

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