Fire at Nairobi airport

A massive blaze at Jomo Kenyatta airport has engulfed the International arrivals. The airport remains closed and all flights in and out of the airport are cancelled. Amazingly noone was hurt. On the footage I saw one fire engine tackling the fire. There is no public emergency service here so its down to private companies. I wonder how many fire extinguishers there were in the airport and if they worked.

I am currently in South Sudan and hoping to travel back to Nairobi on Friday. Hope it will be open by then or it could be a long route back!!

Ironically it is 15 years to the day that the US Embassy in Nairobi was bombed by Al Qaeda. The cause of the fire hasn’t been announced yet but it wont be long before the conspiracy theories start.For example some people are saying it is linked to the duty free shops being cleared of all stock just four days ago  (that’s true, I saw it). There was also a fuel shortage at the airport. Coincidence or are they linked (read story).

Fire at JKIA
My thoughts and prayers go out to all those stranded at the airport and those whose travel plans are affected by the fire.


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