Escape to Lamu

Escaped to the island of Lamu for a long weekend. What better way to celebrate 8 years of wonderful marriage than to be lulled by the sounds of the Indian ocean whilst soaking up the Swahili culture. Browsed, basked and breakfasted in this ancient Arab settlement.

IMG_20130715_121629 View from the deck of Peponi hotel, Shela beach. Sat on a swinging chair and admired the view. Tried not to spill our cappuccinos!


Colourful beans, pulses and grains on display in Lamu town market.


One of the many artisans selling carved fish from reclaimed boat timber. IMG_20130714_190741[1]Market stalls in Lamu town. Its Ramadan right now and they remove the selling restrictions in the market square. I don’t know how they manage to fast surrounded by all that delicious smelling produce.



Thoughtful moment at Lamu fort.




Watching the sun set from Manda island hoping we can find a boat to take us home.



Breakfast at Peponi hotel. I want one of those cool brass coffee pots.

Lamu town, Lamu island, crafts


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