Police. Arrest.

PoliceI was just driving home from a particularly powerful prayer meeting this morning. I pulled over to drop off a friend and just as I set off, a Kenyan police officer came into view. He flagged me down and then said, “I am going to arrest you. You were obstructing traffic.”

Was I??? Of all the crazy driving I have seen in Nairobi; matatu’s (public mini buses) cutting you up, people mounting the pavement to undertake, triple lanes created in the space of one, cars with no headlights in the pitch black….I could go on, and no policemen insight to intervene. I sat there and agreed that I should have taken more care about where I pull over.

He said, “You must drive to the nearest police station and report your “crime”. They will arrest you”. I asked to make one phone call. He said, “No. You can do that from the station.” I said that I needed to tell my husband where I was. I was on the phone for a few minutes and when I looked up the policeman had gone. I looked around. He had disappeared. He hadn’t taken any details, didn’t have my name, didn’t tell me where the police station was, didn’t write me a ticket. So I just waited for a while then drove home checking all the time in my mirror to check no one was following me!

So if a blue Nissan comes on Kenya’s most wanted bad drivers you know it’s that crazy British girl that pulls over in a dangerous manner. You have been warned.


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