New year, new stuff

I was home alone last week and a friend got me thinking about how I could use my spare time. She said that her time apart from her husband saved her marriage as she got to do the stuff she never had chance to do when he was home. So instead of moping around feeling sorry for myself I have started exploring some more craft ideas. I have discovered Pinterest. I warn you now, its addictive.

QuiltThe idea of making something from bits of my left over material was tempting and that led me to quilting. It reminded me of my granny, sat with little hexagonal pieces of card covered in material, painstakingly hand sewing them together into a beautiful bedspread. Things have moved on and there are some modern designs that you can machine stitch together in no time at all. Im going to add a craft page to this blog and share with you what I can create. For now Im just getting used to the terms – basting, batting, bias….and so it goes on.

So with my new passion for quilting and playing in the Nairobi orchestra maybe I will be hoping that Chris goes away more often!!


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  1. sarah says:

    Yeah this is great – bring on the crafting. I have also thought I would like to have a go at quilting so let me know how you get on. From the picture you look like a professional quilter already! We done for keeping busy – it’s the best way. Running and crafting are my ‘keep busy’ distractions. Big hug from me Sarah xxx

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