Christmas in Nairobi

Christmas in Nairobi
Christmas in Nairobi

It’s going to be a quiet Christmas for us in Nairobi. After loosing Mum I knew that however we spent it, it would be difficult, so we are planning something completely different. We will spend Christmas day with the children of Hope House. Some friends of ours go every year to be with the babies aged 0-3 years who have been abandoned by their families due to birth defects or being HIV positive. Will give an update on how it goes.

We had a Christmas drinks party yesterday with the few friends that are still left in Nairobi. There is always an exodus over the holidays as people head overseas to be back with family or up country. Still managed to gather a group of 15 of us in the garden to drink mulled wine and eat tasty treats.  We would have had mince pies but after a funny event in the supermarket we decided not to. We were offered a free sample when we were shopping and the lady smiled and said they were on special offer. When we asked how much they cost before they were on offer she gave a much lower price. We looked puzzled and she said, “Well of course, it’s Christmas, people expect to pay more!! Do you want some?” “Er, no”, we smiled and walked off!! It could only happen in Nairobi.

Merry Christmas everyone and see you in the New Year.


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