Mango mania

I think I am turning into my mother. She was always preserving something or other when I was young – usually gooseberries. Dad would go out for hours on end till the lingering, vinegary smell had subsided.

There is now a sweet smell of mango’s wafting through my house. After a trip to Watamu on the Kenyan coast we couldn’t resist buying a basket of mango’s. They are so cheap, only 300 Ksh (£2.40) for 10kg and they let us check them in on the flight for no extra charge!!


Weighing the mango’s

 5 days later and my mango’s are started to go a bit squidgy. There’s only so many things you do with fresh mango; mango on your cereal, mango smoothies, free mango’s for friends…..done all that and still have over half of them left. So mango chutney it is.

Ive chopped up 4 mangos so far and 2 of them had strange wriggly things in them. I think they are mango maggots. They don’t show you that on the cookery programmes. Though Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall would probably just stir them in as a bit of extra protein, I chucked them in the compost bin!

Mango chutney bubbling

The chutney has now been boiling for over half and hour and hasn’t reduced in volume. I could be here for a while. As long as its all bottled before my husband gets home. I don’t want him complaining the house smells of vinegar!!

Mango chutney

5 mangos (about 1.5kg) remove maggots!

1 pint of white vinegar

2 red chillies. I left the seeds in one

A teaspoon of each – mustard seeds, cumin powder, mixed spice

2 crushed garlic cloves, inch of fresh ginger grated.

750g of brown sugar

Add all the ingredients to a pan and simmer for 40 minutes or until the mixture becomes thicker. Put into sterilised jars. Leave to settle for 15 then put on the lid and label.


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