Chris is a big fan of macadamia nuts. We were on a walking trek once and he bought a large bag of them to keep us going. Inevitable the bag split and went all over his rucksack. For months later he was picking the fluffy and slightly gritty remains from the bottom of his bag. And of course he ate them!

Macadamias grow here in Kenya so you can pick them up quite reasonably. We were at a market last week and a small holder was selling them straight from her farm, still in their shells. They was half the price of shelled ones from the supermarket so we got a kilo. They look like oversized maltisers in their glossy brown shells.Image

I then read up on what to do with fresh macadamias. It’s quite a process; drying slowly, then roasting, then shelling.

We bunged theImagem in the oven for a bit and when they looked ready tried to get them out of their shell. Ive just spent the last hour in the kitchen with all sorts of implements trying to crack one. Tried the rolling pin, garlic crusher, sharp knife, dropping it on the tiles, chopping board….It resisted them all. Finally got into one by dropping a flagstone on it! The insides were slightly mangled.Image

I think this is going to be a hard nut to crack!!


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