Taking care

Back in the UK for 2 weeks. Spending time with Mum and trying to work. I hadn’t anticipated how my week would turn out. Arrived on Monday to find Mum in bed. The kitchen looked like a pharmacy with a stack of drugs laid out with little hand written labels about how many per day and what they were for. I had been hoping that we could go for a walk, visit a cafe for a piece of cake but Mum seems house bound with no appetite. Ive been trying to tempt her with smoothies, homemade soups and thin slices of fruit. She just about manages an energy drink to wash down her cocktail of drugs, heavily laced with morphine.  Between nurse and doctors visits, filling up hot water bottles, administering drugs and keeping the house in order Ive not had the energy to do much work.


Its horrible seeing someone you love in so much pain stuck in bed but her courage and faith are amazing. There have been some good moments when we went to the greenhouse to prune the tomatoes and she enjoyed a ginger ice-cream this afternoon.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Stacy says:

    Sorry to hear your mum is poorly. We’ll Be praying for her and you. If you get down this way we’d love to see you and introduce you to Sophie. xx

  2. Lizzy says:

    Really sorry to hear your mum’s so unwell, we’ll be praying for you. X

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