Talent spotting

Its not everyday you get stopped in the street and asked if you would be interested in modelling, is it? Well on Saturday that is exactly the question asked to me and Chris. We had been busy in down town Nairobi buying some paint for the flat and ended up in the Alliance Francaise  (French cultural centre). Whilst admiring the African textile exhibition a very stylishly dressed Kenyan approached us and politely enquired how our afternoon was going? It wasn’t long before he got to the point of his interruption.

“You are just the face I have been looking for” he said to Chris. “My usual model has let me down and I’m in the middle of a photo shoot for a very important client. If I don’t produce the goods then this could be a massive blow to my career”, he continued. Chris and I looked at each other sceptically. “Honestly it will take just five minutes of your time. It’s all set up just across the road. You would be doing me such a big favour”, he pleaded. “Hmm”, said Chris, “I don’t really think that……and I’m all sweaty. Not really dressed for…… ”. “Come on” said the talent spotter. “What have you got to loose?”

It was either a carefully crafted scam and we would end up tied up and robbed or we would have a bit of fun helping out a guy who was genuinely in need of a favour. I said, “Go on. Let’s see what this is about”. He led us across the road into this high rise building. We then entered this office as I kept a look out round corners for any suspicious accomplices. We then saw in the office he had taken us to, a camera man, bright lights and models sat around looking bored. I breathed a sigh of relief. Chris was going to be the token white guy in a photo shoot for a new Kenyan online payment company!!

It was quite funny to see the beautiful Kenyan ladies with their perfect makeup and stylish office clothes against Chris in his casual shirt, ruffled hair and shiny face.  They promptly shoved a tie on him and sat him down in some fake office meeting scene.

Chris was not used in the making of this image!
An example of how the photoshoot could look

He spent then next half hour with a fixed grin in a cheesy thumbs-up pose. I think he quite enjoyed it really. But wait until the photos come out on massive billboards all over town, I teased him. “This could be the start of something big”, the guy quipped as we left. Watch this space!!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Sarah says:

    Ha – that is fab – Chris I always knew you had it in you! We can’t wait to see the pictures. Hope you have got some paint done in your new home after the photo shoot! We are continuing the DIY here on bank holiday Monday as well – so sympathy DIY across the world! LOL Sarah and Arthur xxx

    1. riftraff says:

      I was thinking of having a page for the DIY progress. Paint here gives surprising (read patchy!) results so we are going for the textured look!

  2. Elaine Vikcers says:

    Fantastic! Great to hear about a fun interlude in your day. I do hope that things are going well. Elaine xx

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