Off road

For the first time since we arrived we took a road trip out of Nairobi. It felt like breaking a curfew when we snook out of work at midday on Friday, long before the arteries out of town become gridlocked. The highway is a challenge to drive as the poorly laid tarmac is moulded into deeply furrowed ridges by the over loaded trucks. When you start to head down the sides of the steep rift valley the views make up for it. Grit your teeth and hold on tight as the kamikaze trucks swerve into your path to make a dangerous overtaking manoeuvre.

We stayed in Elsemere, the very place Chris and I spent some time 9 years ago, marking the start of our relationship. This time we were back to celebrate Chris’ birthday.

You don’t need to go into a national park to see the wildlife. We just hopped on a couple of bikes and cycled round Lake Naivasha. Zebra were happily munching the grass at the side of the road, giraffe eased their graceful necks up to watch us cycle by and wildebeest snuffled happily in the grasslands.

Lake Oledin

We were recommended a private lake to share the stunning display of the pink flamingos and ended up in the at the crater lake where a lonesome hippo wallows in the shallows.


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