Where do you belong?

This is a question I have been asking myself over the last month given that I have travelled to 3 countries, 6 towns and stayed with countless different people. Ive just got back from a month long visit to the UK and after 2 months in Kenya feel torn between settling into my new life and not letting go of where Ive come from. Each place is important to me in different ways.
London: This is where I’ve lived, worked and made friends for the last three years. When I walked into St James my church, unannounced I was met with smiles, hugs, requests for news. Within half an hour the vicar had spotted me and I was up at the front giving an update on life in Kenya. Later that day I was in the park with a group of friends having lunch and catching up on news. It felt familiar and safe.
Lancaster: I grew up and spent half my life here. Coming home is like putting on an old coat. Comfortable, a bit worn around the edges and a reminder of past experiences both good and bad. My bedroom is much as I left it, my piano out of tune from lack of use. Mum with a big smile wanting to cook me something tasty and nourishing. Except this time it was my turn to look after her. She was weak and dizzy from all the medicine she is taking.
Kenya: A new place to discover. A place I first came to nine years ago when being evacuated from the Congo. Returning here is unfamiliar. I stick out. I don’t know what people are saying. Pot-holed roads and high walls, poverty and dirt. But the chance of off road adventure and an endless sky. Where my husband is waiting for me.
So Im still not sure where I belong but Im not going to waste my time wishing that I was somewhere else. The only time I have is now and the only place I have is HERE!


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