The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

  • Got in our new house! = the good

Yippee! We finally moved out of the shared flat into our own apartment in a quiet but safe place within 5min drive of work. So great to finally have our own space and a blessing to already know someone on the same compound – work colleague – with great taste in indoor furnishing who is going to help us personalise the place as right now it’s a bit empty and, shall we say, not entirely our style!Image

  • Cheryl now away inGermany/UK, Chris home alone = the bad
Konigswinter, Germany

Boohoo! Cheryl is off to meetings inGermany/UKand leaving Chris to cope on his own for a while. And this on the back of Cheryl having been inMombasamost of the week with UNICEF training Kenyan district level officials on water & sanitation! Anyway, at least we will see each other back in Europe in a couple of weeks.







Pulled over by the police = the ugly

Ouch! We got stopped by the traffic police this week – noticeably only stopping white people (wazungu). The cop took Chris’ driving license and then took a stroll round the vehicle – he returned with a wry smile. It turned out our vehicle insurance sticker on the windscreen was out of date. It was a hire car and had been told that everything was in order. Bit tedious as Cheryl was on the way to the airport. The owner of the vehicle came to our rescue and talked with the police guy and we were able to leave after about an hour. At least no money changed hands which is not always the case for the average Kenyan. More on corruption in a future blog.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Caroline K says:

    Congrats on the house. Hope it has a spare room!…..
    And glad that you managed to get away from the police without any requests for money or marriage! 🙂

    1. riftraff says:

      Haha it sounds like you have experience of unwanted proposals Caroline!!

  2. Sarah Mist says:

    So glad you now have a base to call your own – I look forward to seeing updates on decorating. If you need any DIY tips just ask as we are still going DIY crazy!! But winning we think! Lots of love to you both and enjoy your holiday. LOL Sxx

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