2 Weeks in

2 weeks in – do we know what are doing yet? Mmmmmm… talk to me in another 2 weeks


  • Think we have nearly found a house
  • No longer Billy-no-mates, seem to have found a few friends via a Vineyard church here

It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster these last 2 weeks. I think we have nearly found a place to live that ticks all the boxes, we have met a bunch of people via a Vineyard church that I would like to call friends  – but can you do that after having only spoken with them twice? Then there is the work – sometimes feels a bit like Donald Rumsfeld’s ‘unknown unknowns’. You are not really sure what it is that you need to understand and who you need to go talk to, to help.

Take the UN meeting Cheryl & I both went to recently. You know it is important to liaise with the UN, to coordinate our efforts, to better understand what everyone else is doing and so on. The dilemma is that the UN are based on the far side of the city = an hour’s drive from our office. Then there is the 30mins security & registration checks to get in (That’s more than most airports!). You are not sure if the meeting is going to be useful but it will tie up your whole morning – do you go? We did and it was ok – as nearby I managed to find a decent coffee!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Susy Hill-King says:

    Glad you have found some potential friends and a place to live thinking of you xx

  2. riftraff says:

    Sadly the appartment fell through as the Landlord would not accept our offer and we were already at the top of our budget 😦

  3. Lorie Dolo says:

    I always enjoy the first few UN meetings as the time to figure out the latest and greatest acronyms. Haha. Once you’ve got those squared away then you can actually understand the meeting.

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